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In the Guild Hall (2)
continued from In the Guild Hall (1)
The Guild Hall was now little more than a facade, a shadow of its former glory.  The ancient scrolls spoke of it as the greatest building of the old Orbis Terrarum.  At that time Lex Regis was the most magnificent city in the world, the center of a vast empire holding sway not only in the West but in the East as well.  The scrolls explained how the once immense city had declined over the millennia, suffering depredations during both the Age of Wars and the Age of Plagues.  Today, nothing was left of it but this humble village in the provinces, the home to thieves and vagabond traders.   The Guild Hall had originally been constructed as a temple to the antique gods, and even now, although it stood as a crumbling ruin, it held a mystical sway over the minds of many people.  Only the Priestly Caste of the Guild was permitted to enter the sacred edifice. The day-to-day business of the Guild was conducted in a maze of
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In the Guild Hall (1)
continued from At the Bad Badger Inn (4)
It was late evening and the wind was still buffeting the streets, which were almost deserted now.  Darkness had driven the inhabitants of Lex Regis into their homes.  I wrapped my mouth with a buldrik scarf, but my eyes burned from the driving dust that rose up around me in swirling clouds.  I picked my way along the alleys and lanes of town, assisted only by an occasional lighted window or the glow of the gibbous moon.
A wagon with a heavy load of hay rumbled by me.  I jumped into the back of it and pushed myself under the straw.  The wagon was moving in the direction of the Guild Hall.  It was good cover and faster than walking.  It took me about a mile toward my destination and then turned off to the right.  As it turned, I jumped out.  I was completely alone on the street. No one could have followed me.
I pressed on.  Occasionally, others would pass me, but they paid me no mind.  
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At the Bad Badger Inn (4)
continued from At the Bad Badger Inn (3)
I was still listening to the two men when I felt or heard a movement pass my left shoulder.  I turned quickly but saw nothing. When I turned back, I was shocked to see that a small dagger had been driven deeply into the table.  Beneath the dagger's point was pinned a slip of paper.  On it was scrawled a single line in the private language and symbology of the Guild.  In the common tongue it said, "Urgent. Meet me at the Guild Hall. Corneelia."
Corneelia?  My suspicion was immediately aroused.  It was not the way of the Guild to communicate in writing.  And I had no way of knowing if this was really Corneelia's script.  And why would she choose the Guild Hall?  That was usually reserved for official business only.
Around me in the inn, the voices seemed to rise to a crescendo.  I felt lightheaded.  Had something been slipped into my soup or was it just my nerves?  Who has been fol
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At the Bad Badger Inn (3)
continued from At the Bad Badger Inn (2)
A conversation at a nearby table made me look up from my supper.  Two men were seated there, their faces dark with the flickering shadows of the fire.  Their garb showed them to be outlanders, from the Marches maybe, or even from the Wildnesses beyond. "Finsterwald be a marked man for many a year," one of them said in a loud voice heavy with drink.  "Nay, I won't say the Guild lieth behind this, but I ask ye in all truth, who be more likely than they?  Maybe Wilhom hast hired 'em or maybe one o' the Merchants, but I tell ye this, The Guild worketh for its own black purpose, and there's nary a man livin' who can puzzle it out."
The man's words did not surprise me.  When any dark deed was done, in Kingdom or Continent, some attention would always be directed toward the Guild. Yes, we had members in every corner of the Western Lands, but our numbers were much smaller than the size of our reputation seemed to warrant.
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At the Bad Badger Inn (2)
continued from At the Bad Badger Inn (1)
I tried to suppress my paranoia, but I still remained nervous and on guard.  The general uneasiness of the population had obviously affected me.  Now, a week after the assassination, the capital was in chaos and confusion.  Would we be affected even here in the provinces?  Above all, the court feared Wilhom, the Prince Regent.  For years he had made it known publicly that he coveted his father's scepter.  He ruled in place of the mad King anyway, so why shouldn't he wear the crown as well?  Certainly he had every reason to order the murder.  Yes, the Prince was absent from the Empire, busy across the Nordish Sea at the head of his army in his latest expedition against ever-rebellious Saxonie.  But his arm was certainly long enough, through his vast coterie of agents, to affect the course of events back home.  At any moment the Prince might re-cross the water and appear outside the wal
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At the Bad Badger Inn (1)
In the evening the wind came up, and a dust devil danced in the entrance to the Bad Badger Inn.  Somewhere along the way, a shadow had attached itself to me.  I had purchased an infusion of camphor and silver nitrate at the apothecary, and I had felt a dark presence dog me along Vintner Lane as I made my way back to my room.  I glanced behind me, but saw no one--the streets were too full of people at this hour.  Whatever it was, I seemed to lose it in the crowd, but when I climbed the two steps into the common room of the inn I was sure I felt it pass again behind me.  But why was I being followed?  I had nothing in the offing.  For the three months that I had lived in this town, no one had approached me for my usual services.  I had bummed about, spending what little gold I had on a simple room and meager meals. Obviously, I was being avoided.  Maybe I had acquired a bad reputation in the guild.  But why?
I found an empty table near th
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    Before the Birth of One of Her Children
        by Anne Bradstreet (1612-1672)

    All things within this fading world hath end,   
    Adversity doth still our joyes attend; 
    No ties so strong, no friends so dear and sweet,   
    But with death’s parting blow is sure to meet.   
    The sentence past is most irrevocable,   
    A common thing, yet oh inevitable. 
    How soon, my Dear, death may my steps attend,   
    How soon’t may be thy Lot to lose thy friend,   
    We are both ignorant, yet love bids me   
    These farewell lines to recommend to thee,   
    That when that knot’s untied that made us one,   
    I may seem thine, who in effect am none.   
    And if I see not half my dayes that’s due, 
    What nature would, God grant to yours and you;   
    The many faults that well you know I have   
    Let be interr’d in my oblivious grave;   
    If any worth or virtue were in me,   
    Let that live freshly in thy memory   
    And when thou feel’st no grief, as I no harms,   
    Yet love thy dead, who long lay in thine arms. 
    And when thy loss shall be repaid with gains   
    Look to my little babes, my dear remains.   
    And if thou love thyself, or loved’st me,
    These o protect from step Dames injury. 
    And if chance to thine eyes shall bring this verse,
    With some sad sighs honour my absent Herse;   
    And kiss this paper for thy loves dear sake, 
    Who with salt tears this last Farewel did take.


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